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G-BUDGET PCM Tool helps Airlines implement Zero Based Budgeting, which is the most effective budgeting method. G-BUDGET can collect budget figures from all cost centers, route those budget figures through an internal review and approval workflow and bring the approved figures for consolidation at the head office. G-BUDGET can be used as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with your ERP system - whether it is SAP®, Oracle® or any other ERP system.

  • Budget Capex, Admin, HR & Ops from zero (using Zero Based Budgeting method)
  • Obtain justification for individual budget item requested from the cost center / department
  • Make cost center / department align these spend requests with the organizational goals and objectives
  • Route individual cost center or department budgets through a review and approval mechanism
  • Bring budget for consolidation at HO
  • Perform detailed analysis of budgets from various cost centers / departments by the Budget Committee
  • Apply rules / logic / adjustments to make the budget in line with organizational priorities and constrains
  • Finalize budget, approve the same and transmit the approved figure back to the individual cost centers / departments
Budget planning software

G-BUDGET advantages

  • Budgeted Vs. Actual variance analyzed and is made to justify
  • Interim budget revisions if any required are routed through an review and approval mechanism
  • Over spending, Under spending or Spending on a different head are made to account for
  • Comparative cost analysis performed to derive alternative options available
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